hair services

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$30 AND UP

One on one consultation to evaluate your hair and the look you want to achieve. Bring pictures!


Influance Silkpress
$75 AND UP

Shampoo and condition, followed by blowout and style. This service is for clients with natural curls looking for a smooth, bouncy or straightened look.

Olaplex Silkpress
$100 AND UP

Shampoo, deep condition and styling using Olaplex 0 and # 2. This service restores elasticity and repairs cuticle bonds to leave hair healthy and shiny.

Silkpress Rejuvenate
$95 AND UP

Spa Shampoo with 3 minute scalp massage to stimulate scalp for growth. Moisture recovery treatment to enhance strength, shine and manageability. ACV rinse to return hairs natural ph levels, boost shine and unclog hair follicles.

Treat Your Tresses Silkpress
$140 AND UP

Silkpress/Blowout with Spa Shampoo

With invigorating scalp treatment, deep hydrating conditioning steam treatment, Haircut to add movement and shape.

Banana Peel Silkpress
$125 AND UP

Smooth and straighten natural hair with a silkpress. No hot comb needed, this press is done with a flat iron. This method adds tons of body and shine and includes steams treatment .


Moisture Recovery Treatment
$20 AND UP

Super hydration treatment.

Trichology Treatment, Scalp Treatment
$50 AND UP

Hair and scalp treatment that is carried out using High Frequency laser therapy which is an effective method to manage hair loss as well as promote hair growth. Helps to heal dandruff, alopecia, gradual hair loss and itchy scalp.

Olaplex Treatment
$30 AND UP

Designed to repair damaged hair, the Olaplex treatment works to rebuild broken hair bonds. The bond maintenance system increases strength and elasticity, protecting hair from further breakage.

Conditioning Steam and Scalp Treatment
$25 AND UP

Conditions hair and stimulates scalp. This treatment provides moisture for hair strands which leads to elasticity and aids in hair growth and retaining length.

6-in-1 Reconstructive Treatment
$20 AND UP

Express Instant Conditioning Treatment
$10 AND UP

Applied after shampoo at the bowl. Processes for 10 minutes while client relaxes.

hair extensions

Lace Closure Sew In
$215 AND UP

Full lace sew in gives you a natural hair line. Go 2 to 4 weeks before your next touch up.

Full Frontal Sew In

Full frontal closure install with 2 bundles of hair.

Sew In (With Minimal Leave Out)
$200 AND UP

Sew in with hair left out in crown and nape. Includes a shampoo and blowdry. Limit 2 bundles of hair, add $25.00 for each additional bundle (hair not included in price).

Tracking/Single Track Sew In
$20 AND UP

Seamless and discreet, a single track involves one track line for a lightweight, no-show weave fit. $20 per row (hair not included in price).

$250 AND UP

Hair extensions are additional. Consultation required before booking.

Tape in Hair Extensions
$225 AND UP

Custom Wig Making
$220 AND UP

Custom wig construction, does not include hair. Extensions can be brought in or purchased.

Wig Braids
$65 AND UP

Shampoo, condition and braid client’s natural hair in cornrows.

Wig Maintenance
$80 AND UP

Wash, prep, and style your unit.

Closure Wig Installed
$175 AND UP

Hybrid Sew In (Half sew in, half tape ins)
$220 AND UP

Hair Extensions Shampoo and Style
$90 AND UP

Shampoo client’s current install then style. Flat iron, curls or, for wavy textured hair, define.

Prep Me
$30 AND UP

Shampoo & condition your hair followed by blow dry before sew in.

Take Down
$30 AND UP

Remove current hair extension installation.

I Tip Installation
$425 AND UP


Single Blowout
$75 AND UP

Shampoo and condition at bowl then round brush, blow dry to style. Iron work additional.


Double Process
$250 AND UP

Partial Balayage
$160 AND UP

We creatively paint hair to achieve natural dimensional color. Toning an additional $30.

Full Color
$110 AND UP

Full color to cover gray or darker hair. Additional $25 for clients with extra or dense hair types.

Color Retouch
$85 AND UP

Retouch new growth within 6 week period.

Full Highlight
$175 AND UP

Weaved foil highlights.

Partial Highlight
$135 AND UP

Weaved foil highlights. Toning is extra.

$40 AND UP

Tone previously lightened hair to your desired shade. Please call for an over the phone consultation after booking.

texture services

Brazilian Blowout
$250 AND UP

Smooth and straighten your hair with this semi-permanent straightening technique.

Relaxer Retouch
$90 AND UP

A retouch 8 weeks after your chemical relaxer to keep your hair soft and smooth.


Woman’s Haircut and Style
$75 AND UP

Hair Trim Split Ends
$20 AND UP

special occasion

$150 AND UP

Hair should be previously shampooed and ready for styling.

Wand/Barrel Curls
$75 AND UP

Add bounce and body to your hair with wide barrel wand curls.

Wedding Trial
$150 AND UP